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Julia Burtenshaw is a Post-Doctoral Curatorial Fellow in LACMA’s Art of the Ancient Americas department. Her main expertise is in Pre-Columbian ceramics of South America, in particular the diverse styles that make up the Cupisnique ceramic complex of northern Peru in the final millennia BCE.

Julia recently received her doctorate from the Sainsbury Research Unit, University of East Anglia (UK), entitled: “Cupisnique, Tembladera, Chongoyape, Chavín? A Typology of Ceramic Styles from Formative Period North Peru, 1800-200 BC.” She previously worked at the British Museum (UK) and the Museum zu Allerheiligen (Switzerland). During the course of her career thus far, she has written for peer-reviewed journals, museum catalogues, exhibitions, and radio programs, on objects from Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, and Mexico.

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